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Was Hextall given GM position one year too late?

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What if Hextall had been here last summer?  If I have the timing right he was hired after Streit and VLC were signed.


I normally don't like conjecture and what if's but I was thinking about what he has done and has been rumoured to be doing on the trade front.  I don't believe Streit and VLC would have been signed.  Without Streit and VLC's 20 goals the Flyers may not have made the playoffs meaning their draft pick would have been higher. Perhaps they make a trade deadline deal sending Kimmo to a contender for another 2nd rounder and a prospect? Perhaps they then go after Niskanen and Benoit Pouliot this year with all the cap space from not having Streit, Kimmo and VLC.  Maybe they sit for another year without making any big name FA signings and then target Bobby Ryan who I believe is a FA in the summer of 2015.


Either way, I guess my point is it is too bad he wasn't with the Flyers last year right after the compliance buyouts to give him more flexibility building "his" team.  The Flyers might have been in a much better position for the future.  I guess better late than never.

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