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NHL BEST Selling Books

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This thread is sort of the opposite of the thread we have going about the Shortest Books Ever Written.

Basically, you give the title of the book, then the author will have TONS of knowledge of the particular subject.....as opposed to almost no knowledge in the Shortest Books list


The fine books you will find in this library are written by some of the most astute writers and teachers in the NHL.

Pick up YOUR copy, start reading, and you will be a pro in no time.....  ;) .


I am interested in seeing what the HF crowd can come up with here!

I will start......



"Winner With the Fans, Loser With the Bookies" -- Wayne Gretzky, co-written by his wife, and special advisor, Rick Tocchet.



"The Last Real Islander" -- Pat Lafontaine



"Guaranteeing Victory: The RIGHT Way" -- Mark Messier, advised by Joe Namath


"Beating Up Punks at age 70 In The IHL" --Gordie Howe


"How To Tell Off Your Boss...And Find Another Job Immediately" -- Patrick Roy


"Scoring Goals and Maintaining Your Goon Status" -- by Chris Neil


 "Goaltending Past Your Prime" --- Martin Brodeur...and right next to his book, you have:

"The Fountain of Youth DOES Exist" --- Teemu Selanne


"Rat Play for Aspiring Youngsters" -- by Brad Marchand


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Thank you @sarsippius !

Always nice to be appreciated :)



I am not familiar with Ken Linesman, but I will take your word for it.....but yea, Brad Marchand is more likely writing a newer edition...but then, you could also make a case for a few others to add to the book as well... **cough, Matt Cooke.... **Cough, James Neal... **COUGH Alex Burrows.....


Ok, ok...here a few more books that can be added to our growing library here......these are available in hardcover, paperback, or kindle.... 




"Falling From Brotherly Love to Music City" --- Scott Hartnell


"My Life as a Dr. Evil / Mini Me Clone "  --- Gary Bettman


"The Man Without a Country (And a Team)" --- Ryan Miller


"Playing 59 Minutes a Night" --- Ryan Suter


"Of Nightmares, Boogie Men, and the Philadelphia Flyers" -- Sidney Crosby


"Pro's Guide to Scoring Game Winners...Without Beating the Goaltender" -- Brett Hull


"From the Tundra, to the Beaches, to the Desert: A Nomad's Guide"  -- Sam Gagne

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@TropicalFruitGirl26  Ken Linsemen played on the famous Flyers line "the rat patrol"...his other linemates were Brian Propp and Paul Holmgren. In his Flyer heyday, namely the 81-82 season, Kenny had 92 pts and 275 PIM. He was well known for his tenacious approach to the game, and his dirty side, which came out more often than not. He hid behind Homer a lot....lol.



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Time in the Box Doesn't Matter if Your Opponents Spend Time in the Hospital - 1970s Flyers 


Overstating LA's Greatness as a Hockey City - Luc Robitaille 


Controlling the Faceoff - Bryan Trottier 


Verbal Vomit in the Play-by-Play - Doc Emrick 


Mandatory Interview Interruptions We Didn't Appreciate During the Playoffs - NHL coaches 


Delivering the Goods in Overtime - coauthored by Joe Sakic and Rocket Richard 


Nursing Hatred into Epic Violence - coauthored by the Quebec Nordiques and Montreal Canadiens 


@TropicalFruitGirl26:toast: to ya for a great idea and more great posting, sister!  



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