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Heater Now a Duck

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Dany Heatley signs with the Ducks.... 1 Yr, $1M dollar contract.

Ducks have been putting together quite a team to try and eclipse the pretty good one they had last year, and adding a guy like Heatley to their bottom six gives them that much more depth.

Dany may find his game yet again and make the Ducks that much more difficult to match up against...but even if he doesn't, it's a million bucks (low priced for a scoring forward in the NHL), the Ducks could always just healthy scratch him, and be none the worse for wear due to the insane amount of talent the team has already on the forward lines and what they have added in the off season.

Long gone are the days when Dany Heatley can streak down lines and make defenders look like pylons....but if he puts forth any effort, even a fraction of what he used to be can help his new team.

And the best part for Anaheim (or WORST, if you are a division rival)?
The team STILL has plenty of cap space to play with.

Anaheim isn't messing around this year. They are loading up and going for it all.
Heatley represents low risk, high reward and should not adversely affect the Ducks no matter how he turns out.

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I honestly think this is a great signing and dont know why more teams didn't seem to show interest and why other people weren't talking about him. Yes, his game has gone down hill the past few years, but if given some decent ice-time he is still good for 15-20 to 25+ goals. So, for 1 million I think thats a great deal, have a feeling this could turn out to be a Mason Raymond like situation, will have a decent year and could get a better deal come this time next year. 

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Dany Heatley, as seen by the Vollman Sledgehammer.



There's light at the end of the tunnel, for Heatley, but I think it's the train...

-Bigger blue bubble good, bigger orange bubble bad.

-He had favorable zone starts

-Didn't face tough competition (Cooke was the Wild RW buried with tough starts and comp)

-CorsiRel of -11 doesn't paint a rosy picture. It's been negative for a few years and won't be getting better with age.

-The signing is, considering the term and money, pretty low risk if the Ducks don't ask much of him, but I think the chance for high reward is pretty slim. The wheels have really fallen off.



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