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2014:The year of the Rienhart?


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  Saw a thread on HF boards discussing this topic, and thought we as a board should be discussing this and it's possible ramifications....


 The question is simple....will all 3 of the Rienhart brothers have their rookie seasons this year? Everything points to this being the case....and if so, what a great, great storyline we will have to follow next year. I'm pretty sure this has never been done in the NHL before, 3 brothers vying for the Calder trophy at the same time.


 I think Griffin is the biggest lock of the 3, he's a can't miss defensive prospect who will immediately step in and make the Islanders defense improved. Sampson is showing signs he can compete for a spot on the Sabres, who appear to be going with quite a lot of youth to start the year. Max has spent a couple years tolling in Abbostsford, the Flames AHL affiliate. He has scored at the AHL level and appears primed to make the next step. I watched him a few times last year and came away impressed. He is one of those players that the puck seems to follow around, he will be a good one.

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Pretty cool storyline. Sam should make the Sabres. Griffin should make the Isles. Max may get a spot on the Flames. It would be really something if all 3 got nominated for the Calder, but planets will have to align. Not all planets, but some.

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