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Hockey's Most Unusual Records Thread

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So I was cleaning out the basement looking for something and I came across a book someone had gotten me....

The Unofficial Guide to Hockey's Most Unusual Records (copyright 2002)..so some of these might be outdated by now.


Thought I would share one or two or more.  Feel free to try to find your own unusual records......some are pretty interesting....


  • Largest octopus to hit the ice:

-50 lbs: Detroit, Joe Louis Arena - May 19th, 1996

(local co-workers set the record by throwing this monster onto ice during game 1 of the Conference Finals. Though it received no official TV air time, it was displayed  on the hood of the Zamboni between periods) - The mystery???  How did they smuggle this creature into the arena! :)


  • Most minutes left in a game when a coach pulled his goalie for an extra attacker:

- 18 minutes - Mike Keenan, Vancouver, November 25th, 1998

(Keenan pulled goalie Garth Snow with 18 minutes left in 3rd period of a game vs Toronto with Vancouver losing 3-1 and while Vancouver was on the power player.  The attempt was unsuccessful. Keenan again pulled Snow midway through the 3rd period with the Canucks again on another power play.  This time Leafs defenseman Dmitry Yushkevich scored into an empty net.  Final: Leafs 5 Vancouver 1. Keenan explained after the game that he tried the gamble because he didn't think his team had the firepower to rally from behind) :confused[1]::rolleyes:


  • Most penalty minutes in pro-hockey, one season:

-648 minutes - Kevin Evans, IHL's Kalamazoo Wings, 1986-87

(his NHL career was only 9 games, however in 73 games with Kalamazoo, he racked up an astonishing 648 PIM's) :hocky:



if you guys like, I will keep posting some of the more unusual ones that I come upon.



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648 PIMs?!! Makes Dave Schultz look like a choir boy

Wait... Schultz WASN'T in the choir??

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Here is an odd ball one...enjoy this one!


Fewest shots on goal by a winning team

  • 9: San Jose Sharks, November 4th, 1998
  • 9: Toronto Maple Leafs, March 4th, 1999

It's weird enough that a team could win with  only 9 SOG, BUT how about it happening twice in the same season by identical 4-0 scores!


That's what took place exactly 4 months apart during the 1998-99 season. The Sharks scored 3 goals on 6 shots vs Dallas's Ed Belfour and 1 goal on 3 shots on his replacement Roman Turek.  Mike Vernon picked up the SO vs the Stars while stopping all 21 shots.


In the 2nd game, the Leafs scored 3 goals on 5 shots vs. St.Louis's rookie netminder Brent Johnson and 1 goal on 4 shots on his replacement Jim Carey.  Curtis Joseph picked up the SO  on the Blues while stopping all 28 shots.

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