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Hockey Trivia time! :)


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Ok it is the beginning of August and training camp is still several weeks away......so..........


Why not do some trivia?  Hope to get some participation here....besides we might all learn a thing or two! ;)


Here we go....... (i'll post the the answer in a day or two) ...and by the way if you have one...feel free to post it too!


Name the only city that had both their NHL team and MLB teams with the same name at the same time (same years)?


(yes there was a Colorado Rockies NHL team and the current Colorado Rockies MLB team...this is NOT the answer since they played in different years)



HINT: this was before the modern era

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Yes the Pittsburgh Pirates!


from wikipedia...


The Pittsburgh Pirates were an American professional ice hockey team in the National Hockey League (NHL), based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania from 1925–26 to 1929–30. The nickname comes from the baseball team also based in the city. For the 1930–31 season the team moved to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and played one season as the Philadelphia Quakers.[1]


On October 18, 1930 at the NHL Board of Governors meeting, Leonard moved the team across Pennsylvania, to Philadelphia, and renamed them the Philadelphia Quakers. However, Leonard's intention was to return the team to Pittsburgh as soon as a new arena was built. Thirteen players from the Pirates were transferred to the Philadelphia Quakers after Pittsburgh franchise relocated. These players were Cliff Barton, Harold Darragh, Herb Drury, Gord Frasier, Jim Jarvis, Gerry Lowrey, Rennison Manners, Johnny McKinnon, Hib Milks, Joe Miller, Rodger Smith & Tex White. Frank Fredrickson was also transferred to the Quakers, but he was released by Philadelphia two days later. The Quakers posted a poor 4–36–4 record in 1930–31. The team then received permission from the NHL on September 26, 1931 to temporally cease operations as they sought a new permanent arena, located in either Pittsburgh or Philadelphia.

Meanwhile the poor economy was taking a toll on the entire league. The Great Depression devastated the NHL as four teams were forced to fold, leaving behind just six teams. When a new Pittsburgh arena failed to materialize, Leonard surrendered his franchise in 1936. As it turned out, a new arena in Pittsburgh wouldn't be built until the Pittsburgh Civic Arena opened in 1961. The NHL would play with six teams for 25 years before deciding to expand. The expansion in 1967 brought the Pittsburgh Penguins to the NHL and the city of Pittsburgh and the orange and black uniformed Philadelphia Flyers to Philadelphia. The last active Pirates player was Cliff Barton, who played his last NHL game in 1940.

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How old are you, guys? Cuz I don't know much about these old stuff trivia, nor do I care (for the most part). I'm 36 BTW.


Don't get me wrong. I do know about Dave "The Hammer" Schultz, the Broad Street Bullies and the existence of the New York Americans franchise in the past, for example, but generally I'm not much into the hockey history.

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45...been watching since I was 10.  I was 11 and remember watching the Miracle on Ice in 1980.  I was just a smigette to young to rememember the Flyers Cup wins ( I was like 6).  However hockey has some very unique history.  I like reading about the old WHA...I actually remember when the NHL expanded in 1979.  Hockey in the early and mid 80's is totally different than now.

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46 at the end of this month and was at both Stanley Cup parades and remember watching both Cups on TV.

I kind of get the disinterest in stuff that came before you though. It's a little hard to relate--for me, anyway. I know names from before my time (or a Leafs cup win) but it's just kind of foreign to me.

The WHA was blah. :)

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