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Puck Daddy did a piece on the 10 guys who could win the Art Ross trophy next season.  


Evengi Malkin - I don't think Malkin's linemates have improved since last year.

Steven Stamkos - I do think Stamos has a great shot at winning this next season

Ryan Getzlaf - close but Getzlaf's line is still missing a key winger with Perry

Tyler Seguin - I think Seguin an Benn will be a great duo this season, but not enough to win the Art Ross

Jamie Benn - Benn may have a better shot at the title than Seguin

Alex Ovechkin - Yeah, Ovie is always a threat for this title

John Tavares -  A healthy season and Tavares could definitely be in the running

Phil Kessel -  nope, not even close

Henrik Sedin - Henrik and Daniel should by all means improve from last season, but no way does either of them win this.

Taylor Hall - As Puck Daddy said Hall could really put together an incredible season.  I do like Stamkos chances a lot better though.


Giroux was omitted from the list.  Placing 3rd last year I doubt the Hartnell trade would have that much effect on Giroux's numbers and I'm not sure what Puck Daddy was thinking as to why Giroux was not on the list, but I'd put Giroux ahead of  Kessel, Malkin and Sedin for sure.

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