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Blues may have best line in the game today


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  Jori Lehtera took his sweet time coming to the NHL, he was drafted by the Blues in 2008 and stayed in Europe thru this past season, honoring his contract although i have read several places where he was bemoaning the several lost years where he felt he could have been playing in the NHL.. 

 "He should have come to the NHL last year, quite frankly." is the assessment of coach Ken Hitchcock who loves what the pure passer brings to the table especially after witnessing him get a hat trick in last nights game.

  He and Vladimir Taresenko played together in the KHL and seem to have developed a raport as Taresenko iis turning into the star that he was predicted to be with ththe steadying influence of the 'veteran rookie' Lehtera who  at 26 is old for such a role but after 7 years in the KHL he seems to like the smaller rinks and has adjusted to life in the NHL quite nicely.


 Jaden Schwartz is the third member of the line and no slouch himself, assisting on all three of the goals by Lehtera last night and is no slouch himself.0fb65d8a80222b2c650f6a7067000138.jpg


Jaden Schwartz assisted on all of Lehtera's goals and Vladimir Tarasenko had assists on the first two, giving the Blues' top line 25 points the last six games. Lehtera and Tarasenko, who leads the team with nine goals and 10 assists, were teammates in the KHL.

"He wanted me to score today," Lehtera said. "He's a good player and it's nice to play with him. Pretty good passes from the guys."

In 15 games all three are point a game players with Taresenko leading the club with 10 goals and 19 points, and Schwartz setting up in front of the net while Taresenko and Lehtera make impossible seeing eye passes between them. The line is dynamic and needs a nickname, they truly might be the best line in the game right now.

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