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Hextall still open to trades.....


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With about 6-7 weeks before the trade deadline, wonder what magic he can perform in trying to rid this team of some dead weight?


In addition to this article,,,,,here is an interesting part.  They made a mention of Coots.  Just confirms what many of us already knew, but nice to see in in black and white.


Coots' development

For the first time since Sean Couturier made his debut a few months after he was drafted eighth overall in 2011, Craig Berube admitted Couturier's overall development has been slowed by his original defense-first deployment.

"The first year, he was a fourth-line guy, a checking-line guy, a penalty killer. We had been using him as that and sometimes you get a little bit comfortable," Berube said Monday.

Read more at http://www.philly.com/philly/sports/flyers/20141231_Flyers_GM_open_to_trades.html#hZfqObsZjiR23WC6.99


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My favourite line in all of this:


"No, we didn't ruin him," Berube said. "He can do both. He's coming around. He is. I think this year, I've been putting their line in more offensive situations and not [line] matching so much. I think it takes time. I think he can still be more consistent."


Well, Captain Numbnuts and company came pretty close to ruining Couturier. Hopefully his offensive play keeps up, but they saddled and pigeon holed Couturier into the checking role. 

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