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Going to NHL fan fair on Friday


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 Okay, I don't give two tinkers damns about the all star game, period. I thought about going to the Skills competition on Saturday but decided to go to the Fan Fair on Friday instead.  http://www.nhl.com/ice/news.htm?id=749384


The wife and I are going to go there Friday when they open at 3, I am even taking my daughter out of school a bit early so she can come, current and past players are signing autographs, I don't care how corny it sounds, I am still a big enough fan to enjoy shaking hands with the players and saying a few words, my daughter is hoping Dubinsky is signing autographs (she has met him twice and he autographed her jersey for her) but I am more interested in seeing the old farts.


  THIS is my kind of event, 200,000 square feet of nerdy fun. I plan on shooting pucks into old washing machines and dryers and all the rest, I don't care if I am 50, I will be one of the first there and the very last to leave, with my wife dragging me out at 10 o'clock when they turn out the lights,


 Does anyone else enjoy this kind of stuff or am I just the absolute biggest nerd on here?

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I went to the Skills Competition, Young Stars game, and All Star game when it was in Atlanta (2008). I'm not sure there was a Fan Fair, I don't recall one. I would have gone to it if they had one.

The Skills Competition is a made for TV event. It was (by far) the slowest, most boring hockey event I have ever attended. The ice crew spent more time setting up for the events than it took to run the events. Plus, they added new events that really weren't that interesting.

The Young Stars game was OK. They played 3 on 3 for 12 minutes (two 6 min periods). The game was sandwiched in the middle of the Skills Competition. Brandon Dubinsky was the MVP. I watched him play in Alaska when he was a kid so it was pretty cool to see him in that game.

The All Star game was good. It was a chance to see how skilled the players really are. There was no checking but it was pretty fast with lots of dazzling puck handling, passing, and shooting. Close game, too. The East won the game 8-7 with a last minute goal.

I'm glad I went although I probably won't do it again.

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Atlanta, wow, I forgot the NHL had an all star game there.


  Yeah, I just cannot get myself up for the all Star game. This fan fair tho, it looks like thousands of other Hockey geeks getting together and enjoying life. The fair runs Fri, Sat and Sunday we decided on Friday with the hopes that it will be less crowded but I am not getting my hopes up. Anyway, two hundred thousand square feet of hockey goodness should be a good time!

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