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Flyers recall Manning and Lauridsen


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I guess you can never have enough defensemen in Flyerland.   The All Star Break is coming at a good time to heal up some ailing bodies.


This is getting crazy now. The Flyers can fill a wing at the hospital. Frankly I just hope there are no career altering injuries going forward...

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Could manning and lauridsen really be so much worse?


Never said they would be much worse King.



Just saying this team was bad before being forced to throw an AHL players out there on a regular basis. This is my problem with allowing Berube to finish out the season. The guy doesnt have a system and seems to be out of ideas on how to get the best out of the hand he was dealt. Cant wait to hear Berube's advice to Manning and Lauridsen before the game Tuesday. "Ok fellas go out there and compete hard." Thanks coach, anything else. "Nope, just skate hard and compete."


If Manning and Lauridsen still have NHL potential, I dont want it being ruined by the "brightest mind in hockey" and the three ring circus going on there this year. Lappy was in player development before he took the job behind the bench as an assistant. Gas Chief now and let Lappy finish the year beind the bench in an interim capacity the last 35 games.


In April, Hextall will be free to name Riley Cote the next head coach. Cote will then talk Jay Rosehill into retirement and he will be named assistant and be put in charge of the PP. :ph34r:

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