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Flyers' possibility of McDavid


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It seems like I might be one of the very few that think Edmonton getting the #1 pick was the best scenario besides,of course the flyers getting the pick. For one,Edmonton is one of the two teams in front of the flyers that is in the west. Out of those two teams,I think Edmonton is most likely to trade down to have more prospects and picks.

Concentrating on just Edmonton and the flyers,I'd like to give my opinion on why it could happen. For one,the flyers have the #7 pick. If eagles fans and national football reporters think the eagles can move up 18 or 19 spots to get the best player at arguably the most important position in sports,why can't the flyers move up 6 or 5 spots to get one of many forwards in the draft. It's a different situation but might not be that far fetched.

I believe Edmonton is lacking defense and goaltending more than offensive talent. McDavid wouldn't help them with that.

If the flyers are giving the 7 pick,ghost and/or one other defensive prospect,and a schenn or couturier,isn't that enticing to them?

And my last point is a stretch but it may have some validity. Edmonton has picked in the top five how many times now and what has that got them? Maybe they are looking to do things a little differently this time.

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