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Rank your Favorite Goal Songs


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What are you 5 favorite goal songs of the 2014-15 season, or maybe the ones you love to hate   ;) ?  



Mine are:

1. Blackhawks

2. Flames

3. Flyers

4. Panthers

5. Bruins



And who needs a new goal song next year?

1. Buffalo

2. Hurricanes

3. Jets

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I hate the fog horn. It's a hockey arena, not the rocky coast of Newfoundland. 


If you are ever in Wheeling, don't catch a Nailers game.  It's a bandbox of an arena and I swear the horn was once used as a WWII air raid warning.

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Seriously, if they went back to an organ and pumped up crowds I'd be happy as a pig in s hite. I love music, but blasting it at me at every possible instance (and at 7 second clips) all through hockey games is just annoying IMO.

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