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Lets talk GM's


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So, I read in the New York Post that Glen Sather has hinted that he may step down as GM of the Rangers. Well to that I say, Godspeed!!


I don't know if anyone has paid attention, but the longest active  reigning GM in the NHL today is Ken Holland of the Detroit Red Wings. He came into power in 1997. All he has to show for that is four Stanley Cups.


Then there is Davis Poile of the Nashville Predators. He came into power just a little behind Ken Holland, but has nothing to show for his time in the music city. Then there is (My Favorite) Glen Sather. He came into power in June of 2000 and has done remarkable things to hamstring the Rangers for years to come.


Lets site a few examples: Two first rounders and a second rounder for Marty St Louis (Huh) All the first rounders for Rick Nash (What!) Duclair and a first rounder for Yandle (Not too smart)


I get that Slats wants to go out with a 6th ring on his finger. But, the way he has been doing it is whack. Did anyone ever tell him that stars and Superstars in the NHL were once rookies who became stars? Did anyone ever tell him that perhaps he should take a better look at his scouting staff? (Hugh Jessiman) Come On!! 




Look at Stevie Y (GM of the Lighting) he is a rookie GM and look what he has done. They are in the Stanley Cup Finals with players that weren't even drafted  What about Stan Bowman? Look what he has done with the Hawks.


Lets talk about Jeff Gorton the Assistant GM of the Rangers. Why he is the assistant, I simply don't know? Other than Dolan is in denial or simply doesn't care. You know that saying; Play the games and they will come. No matter how futile.


Gorton was partly responsible for the Bruins Stanley Cup win in 2011. He was the interim GM of the Bruins at one time and he drafted Milan Lucic & Brad Marchand. He traded for Tucca Rask and signed Zeno Chara to a FA contract. The GM's I cited are all young and have a better understanding of the NHL today


Slats is still living in his glory days as the Oilers GM. Time for Sather to step down and let the new blood take over. 

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Welcome to the forum! Hopefully you find this enjoyable in here.


 If Slats finally calls it a day, the Rangers would be a prime landing spot for anyone, I think that they go with a name player, not an unknown.


BTW How on Earth has Slats kept his job for so long? My God, he treats the Rags like I treat my fantasy team, moving star players in and out, never giving them time to mesh or jell. Somehow they now have an envious bunch of young forwards, you guys need to move him out before he moves them out. Time for a gold watch and a rocking chair.

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Yes Sather has sacrificed some of the youth on his team for quality vets, but Yandle showed to be a valuable piece in the playoff run this season.  


and he also has to have been doing something right as stated on the Rangers website.



NEW YORK, May 22, 2015 – The National Hockey League announced today that Rangers President and General Manager Glen Sather is a finalist for NHL General Manager of the Year.

In 2014-15, the mix of homegrown youth and veteran acquisitions Sather assembled orchestrated the most successful regular season in the Rangers’ 89-year history. The Blueshirts established single-season franchise records in wins (53) and points (113) in 2014-15 while capturing the Presidents’ Trophy for posting the league’s top record during the regular season for the first time since 1993-94.
The Rangers were the only team that ranked third or higher in the NHL in both goals per game (third – 3.02) and goals against per game (third – 2.28) in 2014-15. New York finished a season third or higher in both categories for the first time since 1972-73. The Blueshirts also established single-season franchise records in road wins (28) and road points (58) this season. The Rangers’ 28 road wins were tied for the most one Eastern Conference team posted in one season in NHL history.
With Sather at the helm, the Rangers have been one of only four NHL teams that have reached the playoffs at least nine times since the 2005-06 season. The Blueshirts are one of only two teams that have not been mathematically eliminated from the playoffs prior to the start of a regular season game over the last 10 seasons. The Rangers are also tied for second in the NHL in playoff games played since the start of the 2006 Playoffs (108).
The Rangers are the only NHL team that has won at least one playoff series in each of the last four seasons. New York ranks second in the NHL – and leads the Eastern Conference – in regular season and playoff wins combined since the start of the 2011-12 season (212), only trailing Chicago (213) in the category. The Rangers have also played in more playoff games than any other NHL team (72) and lead all Eastern Conference teams in playoff wins (37) since the start of the 2012 Playoffs.
*Note: All stats are through the completion of games on May 21


I fully expect Jeff Gorton to take over next season for Sather.  I thought Messier was an assistant GM also?  Doesn't he have some sort of position in the front office?

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Slats is still living in his glory days as the Oilers GM


Welcome to the forum! Not a ton of Rangers fans on here, so this should start some new discussion.


Let's be clear about something here. The Rangers almost hate the entry draft. They hate it. The last first round pick by the New York Rangers? Brady Skjei in 2012. Before that? JT Miller in 2011. Not bad, but he hasn't exactly hit it off quite yet. Before that? Dylan McIlrath. AHL defensemen.


Look, I love teams that build through the draft and through scouting. Look at the Anaheim Ducks, for example. In 2003, they stole Ryan Getzlaf and Corey Perry in the first round.


The Rangers under Sather have been much more comfortable trading away picks and prospects to get fully developed all-stars. The cost of his foolishness has not had its effect just yet, but it will be devastating. I predict that in 4 years, the Rangers will be at the bottom of the league. You can't go this long without a first round pick. Once the pick sent to Arizona for Yandle is used, the Rangers will have gone 4 straight years without a first round pick, barring any new trade of course.


I think the main thing the Rangers needed to reevaluate was whether or not all of this future mortgaging was worth it. Obviously, if they win 3 cups in 6 years like Chicago, it's totally worth it. But one cup appearance is not a success story. In fact, I'll go gout on a limb to say that with all of the prospects and picks they've moved to be relevant now, the Rangers need to come close to matching what Chicago has done to claim these moves as success stories.


From my experience as a Habs fan, being too hesitant to move picks could be potentially harmful as well. Bergevin has done a great job at the helm of the Canadiens by getting this team to succeed now while also keeping a close eye on the future of the team. However, I would like to see Marc make a move that would acquire a top player at the deadline for a 1st round pick.


It's a double edged sword I guess.

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