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There’s always at least one major enigma heading into any draft, and Felix Sandström takes that honour in 2015. He missed a lot of the season due to various ailments including mononucleosis, so many scouts never had a real chance to see Sandström in action.


He appeared in 30 regular season games and six playoff games with various teams in the Brynäs organization, plus six international games – and that was it.

Luckily, the young Swede played some of his best hockey when it mattered most, including during a stint with the Brynäs big club in which he posted a 1.09 goals against average and .963 save percentage in two games. The official stance on Sandström remains divided amongst talent evaluators, but it is apparent that his raw skills alone earn him a spot in the top five of this year’s goalie draft class.


He’s an average sized goalie, but he fills the net well. He knows how to stay within himself, and it keeps him from being out of position very often. It’s rare to see an erratic movement from Sandström. He’s smooth, moves well, reads the play tremendously, and doesn’t have very many noticeable areas of concern. He does everything so well for a goaltender his age that it almost makes him harder to gauge because of it.


The only thing that can really be said about Sandström is that he needs to continue his focus on getting stronger and faster. He has a two year contract with Brynäs, and is expected to make the jump to North America after that expires. The big test will be to see how he adjusts to the North American game. It’s unfortunate that his recent injuries stopped him from increasing his draft status, but it means that some team could end up with a late steal if he drops down.

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ok...from my draft list.....


4-Felix Sandstrom


Technical ability: B

Athletic ability: B-

Mental ability: B


keywords, unique identity traits: 6'2 goalie that makes himself big with positioning and angles, calm and composed


room for improvement: questionable whether he has the explosiveness to make that extra save when needed


Full analysis:


Felix Sandstrom is a 6'2 and what I'd consider a typical Swedish goalie. Makes himself look quite thick in net, cuts downs angles with consistency. And has a really patient, calm approach to his game. Will wait patiently for shooters and rarely if ever overcommits. Doesn't get rattled under pressure and maintains an even-keel approach. Has good angles and control of his net, movement is controlled and purposeful but not particularly explosive. Maintains good position at all times. Can have a calming influence on the team, as he remains relaxed even when momentum is going against his own team. Can suck up rebounds. Doesn't look particularly athletic or reliant on reflexes, nor is he someone who would play with a lot of energy, but has a chance to be a positional goaltender that remains even-keel and is a calming influence on the team overall. Even without the explosiveness, he appears in control, and relies on his angles and ability to read the play and the shooter to make saves.


Developmental focus: I do think he could add some explosiveness in movement with traffic in front of him and in side-to-side movement. Really solid positionally but I question whether he can make that extra save.



Projection: Has a chance to be a positional starting goalie that makes himself big in net and relies on angles. Calming influence.


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1. Felix Sandstrom

Brynas (SHL)

DOB: 1/12/97 | Ht: 6-2 | Wt: 192

2014-15 GP: 2 | GAA: 1.09 | SV%: .963

Sandstrom missed chunks of the season due to various ailments, after he came into the season as a top prospect. This lack of playing time has led to divisive stances within the industry, with some scouts claiming he's clearly good enough to go in the top two rounds and others stating he's more of a middle-round selection. Sandstrom has shown advanced play for several seasons and has impressive raw tools. He moves pretty well for a player his size, while not being erratic. His goaltender IQ grades high, as he tracks the puck pretty well and stays ahead of the play. Sandstrom is a roll of the dice, as its not outside the realm of possibility that he's in the NHL within three or four years, but his lack of playing time could scare teams



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I know nothing about him. Will post more when I find more.

According to Brian Boucher, Neil Little liked him. Bouche said he's smooth with an ok glove but not spectacular. Not exactly a glowing report from him

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According to Brian Boucher, Neil Little liked him. Bouche said he's smooth with an ok glove but not spectacular. Not exactly a glowing report from him


thanks.. I found my write up on him.  I knew there were other candidates...so I just glanced over his info.


Seems like a good pick...but like they say..goalies take some time to develop.

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The Flyers have arguably the best propsect pool in the entire NHL and THREE (count em....3) legit goalie propsects. And we didn't take a thug in the 2nd or 3rd rounds....amazing.


Who is this drafting them! What did they do with our GM's! ;)


Seriously...so this is what drafting legit prospects is all about.

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