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Welcome to the Flyers C/RW Cooper Marody


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2014-2015 team; Muskegon Lumberjacks/Sioux Falls Stampede(USHL)

2014-2015 stats: 52 games, 22 goals, 36 assists, 58 points

Final NHL Central Scouting rank: 53rd among North American skaters


What are his strengths and weaknesses?

Speed is the number one asset Marody brings to the table. Marody is a blazing skater that can stretch the ice and put pressure on the opposing defense. In the offensive zone, he's a smart, patient player that isn't afraid to hold the puck on his stick and wait for a play to develop.

The biggest concern with Marody is a lack of strength. He put on about 15 lbs. of muscle last summer, but that still only got him to about 177 lbs. If he can continue to add a little more mass without sacrificing his terrific speed, he would be more effective on the defensive end of the ice, and potentially a better shooter/goal-scorer rather than a pass-first playmaker.

Is he trending up or down heading into the Draft?

Marody showed a ton of potential in a solid rookie season in the USHL in 2013-2014 which put him on the radar of NHL scouts. But many were hoping to see him transform some of that potential into results this past season. He got off to a slow start to the season in Muskegon, but after requesting a trade, he was sent to Sioux Falls, where he really took off. He averaged 1.28 points per game in the 38 games after the trade(trailing only first round pick and future teammate Kyle Connor in USHL scoring if you extrapolate those numbers out over a full season), and helped the Stampede win the USHL's Clark Cup. So he more or less made the jump from Year 1 to Year 2 in the USHL that scouts were hoping to see.




Team: Muskegon / Sioux Falls (USHL)

2014-15 Stats: 22-36--58, 32 PIMS, 52 Games Played.

Measurables: 6'0, 185 lbs

CSS Rankings: 53 Final, 63 Midterm


The Rundown

Marody is the kind of player scouts and fans love to watch play. He excels as a creative offensive talent with the ability to make that "wow play," as well as possessing above average speed and a penchant for being in the right place.

Sioux Falls coach Cary Eades described his game in a similar way to Mick Garry of the Argus Leader:

"He's very calm, and that's part of his deception," Eades said. "A lot of guys panic with the puck and make quick plays but he can hold it for that instant longer and wait for things to open up. He doesn't need much of a window."

He has also earned a reputation as a high energy, never quit on the play guy.

After a solid rookie season with Muskegon where he scored nine goals and tallied 21 assists, Marody started his second season slow finding the net only twice in fourteen games.

That's when Marody took a giant leap forward. After being sent to Sioux Falls he rocketed up the leader board finishing with 20 goals, 29 assists and tied for 10th in league scoring.

NHL Draft Projection

Marody has been a guy scouts have had a high opinion of for almost a year now. Listed as a "B" rated prospect in Central Scouting's Preliminary Rankings, Marody used an outstanding second half to push his stock solidly into the third round. If a team is willing to reach, he could end up at the tail end of the second.



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From Bill Meltzer........


6th round (158th overall) – Cooper Marody, RW, Sioux Falls (USHL), 6-0, 176 lbs.
Born Dec. 20, 1996 in Brighton, MI (age 18).
Rankings: 53rd on Central Scouting North American list, 83rd overall by ISS, post Top 120 honorable mention by McKeen's.

Scouting Report: Another speedster, Marody was a standout prep school player at St. Mary's Prep and went on to post 49 points in 38 games for Sioux Falls in 2014-15 after starting the season with Muskegon. He was named to the 2015 USHL/NHL Top Prospects Game. Marody is committed to the University of Michigan, where he will play his freshman season in 2015-16. He is said to have a strong work ethic and has shown himself to be a difference maker at the USHL level. Need to add considerable strength to a currently scrawny frame.

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Speed, high energy, and a work ethic. I'd never heard of him, but we got him much later than he was ranked. Nice


the one recurring theme I saw with all the players the Flyers draft (goalies excluded), was the amount of speed they all possess.  Clearly Hakstol had some say with whom the Flyers were targeting.  Speed on the Flyers...this is a foreign concept to me. ;)

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the one recurring theme I saw with all the players the Flyers draft (goalies excluded), was the amount of speed they all possess. Clearly Hakstol had some say with whom the Flyers were targeting. Speed on the Flyers...this is a foreign concept to me. ;)

Yes, I noticed that. Speed and skill plus some character. I even like the Kase pick. Small but very skilled.

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