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Who is Hextall targeting for backup goaltender?


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There has been a lot of goalie movement this season and trade of course is still possible.   But the list is fairly slim pickings.  I'll presume Emery is a still a choice, most likely as a back up plan. Hextall has held his cards tight so who does he go after?



Seems that there are potentially two starters on the list in Neuvirth and Ramo.


Teams that still need a starter?  

Buffalo is maybe the only team that needs one.



Teams that need a backup? 

Boston  maybe Subban but I think they sign within the system

LA - likely Berube from the Monarchs

Pittsburgh  Likely Zatkoff from within the system


Islanders  -- Could sign Anders Nilsson

Calgary - Likely Otio from within the system

Colorado - Likely Pikard from within the system




So it seems there are only a few teams needing of a backup, but I think Hextall has someone specifically in mind, I just can't figure out who it is based upon signing Kim Dillabaugh as goalie coach.  And it looks like there won't be much competition and I wouldn't be surprised if he signs two from that list.  Ramo would be a great choice if the price isn't too high.   Gustavsson maybe?


So who do you want?

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Doesn't matter who....most Flyers fans will hate him after he has one bad game

I hate him before he even gets here...jeeeezzzz he sucks please pull him now!!!

Maybe Bryz since he is already being paid....

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I like Greiss for 4 reasons, 1) he held down "the fort" for Pittsburgh pretty well when Fleury began to implode or needed a rest 2) he played well against the Flyers 3) good save % in his (albeit young) career...all at a $1 million price tag. I know they only have around $ 7 mill overall to spend, but he would be a good pickup IMHO. Zepp was good, if that's the direction they choose to go, but I worry that if they need to have him play  in the neighborhood of 15-20 games that he will struggle. I would rather have Greiss.

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Zepp was fine, but I'd prefer to pick up a younger backup. I'm not worried about the cap, as they basically have a full roster with about 6 million in space (figuring on one of the Phantoms being the 14th forward). So anyone else they sign (including MDZ) is going to necessitate the shuttling off of someone else just for a roster spot, clearing cap space in the process.

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