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Official: Red Wings sign Mike Green

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Wow. The thoughts going thru my mind.


My original thought was I would rather sign Zidlicky for a two year deal, rather than Green for a five or six year contract which is what I figured he would ask for. I would rather have Zids for 2 years at 4 million than Green at 6 years at 6 million per. I looked at the contract signed by Sekera and thought wow, 6 years, 33 million, no way the Wings are getting Green now.


 I like it. Only three years is the key to the entire thing. Using the money we saved by dumping Weiss. He is automatically the best offensive blueliner we have had in years and brings an element to the club, quarterbacking the power play on a relatively risk free contract to the team.


 It gives us

Green  Dekeyser

Kronwall Ericsson

Quincey  Smith


Kindl or one of the 3 kids


The only drawback is most of the defense is locked up for the next several years so for Marchenko, Sproul or Oullet to crack the roster now it would take an injury. But we are 10 deep on defense to go along with the great young forwards and two deep in net. Short term deal makes this a solid signing. Still not the biggest fan of his defensive play but paired with Dekeyser who is developing into a true shut down guy I think he will be fine. Part of me is still not sure but for only three years, I think it was a good risk to take.

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That term and paycut for him. I wanted him badly. getting Martin softens the blow, but still. Him and Sekera went for less than I thought

THAT is what blows my mind, the three year contract. I figured 6 to 6.5 million, with the Sharks going five or six years, no way no how does Kenny Holland give anyone that type of contract after being burned so bad by Weiss.


 But cutting Weiss frees up 3.35 million a year, so Green cost us two and a half million a year more. Pretty good signing. Still not thrilled, his defense has always been suspect. But our power play is certainly much better.

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THAT is what blows my mind, the three year contract.


As I read it, he's 29. The three year deal gives him another bite at the apple before the 35+ kicks in.


Could sign a fairly ridiculous deal at 33 and "retire" midway through, for example...

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Total swing and a miss for Spike!

If I look at this like @yave1964 said--that this is just 2.5M per year more than Weiss, it makes me feel better. But I've got to be honest to say that with all the FAs we are gonna have after this season, it's likely we will be losing someone, hopefully not Helm or Abby, but it may very well be one of them. Hope I'm wrong, and the way my calls have been going lately, you can almost call losing neither one a sure thing! ;-)

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