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Where do the Red Wings stand for the future?

Red Wings Future  

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  1. 1. Come 2016, the Detroit Red Wings will...

    • Make it to the Stanley Cup finals
    • Make it only to the conference finals
    • Make it only to the 2nd round
    • Make it only to the 1st round
    • Not make the playoffs

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Depends. Too many unanswered questions.


How will the team react to the new coach?

How will the new coach do?


How hobbled is Datsyuk going to be?

Will Zetterberg also be hobbled?


These two get injured quite often. But they are cornerstones sooooo.



yeah, impossible to say. Mike Green is a definite improvement. but I will need to see this team 20 games in

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@J0e Th0rnton

Add to that:

New PP coach

New goalie

Possibly Larkin

Likely Marchenko/Oullet

Add Richards

Agree, a complete question mark. I'm optimistic, don't get me wrong, but there are too many things we either don't know or we do, but we need to stay healthy to actually see come to pass. Too soon to answer.

One thing that CAN'T be said: Holland didn't do nothing this offseason.

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I have been a pessimist for several years now as @SpikeDDS will attest, but I am thrilled with this team. A solid bunch of kids, depth everywhere, two of the top free agents out there (granted in a very bad class) under favorable contracts. Lots to like.


 Anything can happen when you get to the postseason. I see this as a definite postseason team poised for a deep run.

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You know, you say that, but there have been others who have been more pessimistic than you, for sure. I'd call yours a buffered pessimism.


This past season, particularly toward the end of February, your tenor changed--obviously because we were playing lights-out hockey even without Howard and on the road almost the whole month. It was easy to come around then.


What's always been in the background for you, though, has been the Griffins. You could see, before most, that this wave of young talent was coming, so although you were "pessimistic" in the short run, perhaps, you've had a brighter outlook because you saw what was coming.


The Mule deal, now more than ever in the past, hurts our future. Holland made that deal and at the time it looked like it might be a smart deal. Getting Mule for less than $4M per year the way he was scoring that season? In hindsight, obviously it was the wrong choice, but even more so after they changed the collective bargaining agreement in order to punish teams for doing what Holland did with Mule's contract. So we are either stuck with Mule and his contract or else the cap hit if he retires, and it gets higher and higher until the last year, 2019-2020 when it pretty much stays the same. It will be almost a $3M cap hit if he retires with two or fewer seasons to go. Right now it's "only $1.5, but for each year over the remaining 5. Either way it hurts. With Helm and Abby's payday coming, it's gonna hurt more.

I honestly don't know what to do, but my short-term sense says wait until those two get signed, and then let him walk away and pick up the pieces i.e. trade away what younger players we will be forced to part with. Hopefully we can win a Cup before that.

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After a long restful vacation, I might as well throw my opinion into the mix.  I voted that they'll reach the second round, mostly because I'm tired of these first round exits.  Richards and Green are two huge signings for this year.  Should be fun!  We also have several key young players who are entering contract years.  So they'll be eager to prove they're worth the big bucks, no matter where they end up.  Expect some really great hockey this year!

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 Figured I would throw this into this thread....Turgeon looked really good at the prospects camp.





Ilitch Responds to John Oliver's Critique of Stadium Deal




Sunday evening, John Oliver used the main segment of his HBO show, Last Week Tonight, to harshly critique public funding of sports arenas in general, and Detroit Red Wings owner Mike Ilitch specifically for relying on public contributions to the Wings' new stadium. Oliver chastised Ilitch for accepting $250 million for the project from the city of Detroit which entered into the deal just days after declaring bankruptcy in 2013. While the city has only just begun to recover financially, Ilitch's net worth is estimated at $5.1 billion, leading many to ask why the city needed to help fund the stadium at all.




Monday, the Red Wings released a statement defending the deal, and claiming "The majority of this development is being privately financed, and no city of Detroit general funds are involved whatsoever." While the statement is factually correct to some extent—the city's general fund isn't involved—the part about a "majority" of the project's funding coming from private entities is a bit suspect. According to Crain's Detroit Business, of the $450 million in bonds issued to pay for the project, $250 million will be paid off by Detroit's Downtown Development Authority (DDA) via its ability to levy property taxes. While the Red Wings' statement about city's general fund is a clever piece of misdirection, the narrative of majority private funding isn't supported by facts. The DDA, a government agency, bears responsibility for more than half the funding.




Ilitch also likes to cite a University of Michigan study saying that the project will bring 8,300 construction jobs and 1,100 permanent jobs, and create $1.8 billion in economic impact. As Oliver stated in his piece, however, sports venues seldom deliver on promised value. And the Ilitches and the team will take most of the profit from a number of the stadium's plum assets, including naming rights to the new facility. Between the cost to the city for the project, and the destruction of many historic Detroit buildings to make room for the arena and its attendant shopping district, many Detroiters are wondering who really stands to profit most from the deal.



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I like John Oliver, and I dislike John Oliver. He has a point here, where it DOES seem off that Detroit makes the stadium deal so close to filing bankruptcy. On its surface, he's definitely got a point.


But just looking at that COMPLETELY IGNORES what Mike Ilitch has done historically for the city of Detroit. I remember taking my wife (just my newfound girlfriend back then) to Downtown Detroit. She's from New York. She insisted on going to "the city." I tried to talk her out of it. Boy, did she get a rude awakening! We rode the People Mover circuit. We stopped at "Times Square." We literally only saw 2 people--TWO--on the streets there. Sherri asked incredulously, "Where is everybody?" I responded, "Listen, you and I are just about it! We're the only people stupid enough to come down here! There is NOTHING here. I tried to tell you." And we were the only white people we saw on the entire circuit except ONE.


That was before Comerica Park. Before Ford Field. I can't remember if it was before he redid the Fox Theater or not, but if it had been redone, it had JUST been redone.


The ONLY reason to go downtown was for Red Wings games and Tiger games which Ilitch owned (not sure if he owned the Tigers yet), or annually for the Auto Show at Cobo. Maybe the fireworks, although we always watched from the Windsor side. Too dang hot and dangerous on the Detroit side. Other than that, there was almost no reason to go down there. MAAYBE Greektown for dinner. But then you left to get to the burbs to do whatever else you wanted to do, because there wasn't anything else down there!


Ilitch changed that. There are now multiple reasons to go to Detroit. Ilitch made his investment in Detroit when it was practically a shell. He made a huge investment before it was cool to do it. And I mean that--NO ONE was making investments in the city back then but him. And he's profited from that. GOOD FOR HIM! To criticize Ilitch now as John Oliver has done is to completely ignore what he has done for the city for DECADES, and that's just not fair at all. But Oliver will get his laughs, and will preach mostly to an HBO viewing population the vast majority of whom are completely ignorant of Ilitch's past contributions to the city and get his "attaboys" from the liberal base as he mocks a "rich guy" who he sees "taking advantage of a city." But it is wrong to say what he said without being honest about what Detroit has gained from his continuing contributions to the city. The way Oliver set it up, it makes it sound like Ilitch is the reason Detroit went bankrupt, when nothing could be further from he truth. In fact, Ilitch may be one of the few reasons why Detroit didn't have to file for bankruptcy YEARS before it did.



Oliver can be funny, and he's not TOTALLY wrong. If you watch the whole segment, there is a point to be made. But he doesn't tell the whole story, because if he did, his message wouldn't sell like it does when you ignore history.

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I'm waiting to see if Holland brings back Cleary again. If he doesn't, I'll pay attention to the team next year. If he does, well.... another year not really giving a **** for me.


But from the current team makeup I'd say they have a solid first round loss in them.

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@Haliax   Yes, agree 100%....forget this loyalty crap, Clearly HAS TO GO!!!!  The guy has been bone on bone with those damn knees for years now, no way in holy hell can Holland make a case to bring him back. Not with all these talented kids at forward.

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  Really nice article by Helen St.James, my 3rd favouite hockey beat writer after Bill Metzler and Travis Hughes. The new Wings coach Blaishill has high hopes for rookie Pulkinnen.  I totally agree with coach Blais and Helen. I think Pulks is gonna be an outright star. I think he's a 40 goal scorer, and will reach that very plateau in 3 years. He has a shot like Brett Hull in my opinion.  Just like Brett, is an expert at finding the soft spots of the defense and how to get to the spot where he will make the one timer. In that respect, he reminds me a lot of Mike Bossy also. This kid is going to be a star.....what a GREAT draft pick by Holland. I expect 15-20 goals this year, a lot will depend on his ability to sneak into the top 6.....but despite the deep pool of talent, he will eventually be on pp #1 also.



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