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Is the team better today?

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Is the team better today vs yesterday before non EDT?

I think so if they can get the 4 RFA's signed with 4.8 left over. If Franzen comes back there will be a big mess. So basically they have 11.9m to play with through the summer.

So now hope Franzen doesn't come back?
Howard's contract NOW hurts?
If Franzen does come back some young talent will be let go.
With the Pronger trade in mind there has to be a Franzen suitor out there?

All in all I believe the team is better today.

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Way improved team for this year but we have abby and Helm as UFAs this coming offseason an8d need to get them wrapped up. Agree Mule is a wildcard in the mix, but our decline occured when he went out. A big body is still missing but I love this club.

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