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Latest Panic Article From You Know Where

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Interesting article. I don't think it's time to panic - but maybe get a little nervous. In an earlier post I had said something like we don't win unless we score 5 or 6 goals. I'm glad somebody actually did the research to loo at our record and pin it at 3 goals. It just FEELS like we need 5 or 6. :lol:

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What do you all think? Time to panic or not?

While I'm certainly not panicing, I will say that I don't like our chances in the POs against the Rangers or the Bruins. The WC game me hope that we could crack the Rangers, we just stopped playing in that game only to wake up too late.

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Assuming we do panic - what the hell do we do about it? Certainly the bleacherreport offers no suggestions.

The G situation isn't going to change. We can only hope they play better.

The team D is the main issue - if they can tighten that up, then they're in much better shape.

Injury? Show me any team that can lose 2-3 top six forwards or a few defesemen and still be legitimate contenders. There aren't any.

Hartnell? It would be a BAD THING if Hartnell posts career numbers? JVR? JVR's a disappointment (putting up career bests) for not living up to NEXT YEAR'S contract? (I think JVR should be doing better, too - but if Hartnell is "emerging" as a power forward at 29, are we expecting too much too soon from JVR?)

Depth scoring? Yes, the top line is stacked, but the Flyers have seven guys with 10+ goals and JVR at 9. Want to see top teams with scoring depth problems?Chicago, New York and San Jose have three 10+ goal scorers.

Boston, Pittsburgh and Vancouver have five apiece.

Detroit and Florida have four each.

Panic? I'm not panicking. But I guess it depends on what you were expecting.

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