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Barrie sus. 3 games

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Barrie Suspended 3 games


Normally I would be all sorts of angry with a player such as Barrie for an idiot thing like this (the hit was uncalled for) but I am not. Reasons are as follows:


Tyson has 2 assists in 4 games - not super crazy low for a defense-men and most would be happy to have that, but he is also a -2. 


Barrie also has not quite had the same jump to start the season and that could be  confidence ordeal and maybe a nice three game break will clear his mind.


Now the final step here is who the Avalanche play. Mind you we failed to beat an 0-3 Boston club who were missing Brad Marchand, who we all know can get things going. Hopefully having failed miserably with that, the opponents Colorado is facing we wont take so light...per se. 


We start off against a very good LA Kings team. Now in pre-season the Avs lost 2-1 in a shootout and 4-0 in the second game. Of course we could not score to save our lives in those games, so maybe we can put a few past Quick. The Kings biggest issue is scoring goals right now as they are averaging 1.00 per game. They will face Semyon Varlamov (who, if you read my prior post) is starting off the season a little sluggish. Jon.Quick_.tfh_.42.jpg


Varlamov seemed to strain himself against the Dallas Stars on an amazing save to keep the Avs flying in their 5 goal comeback. The next game, Varly allowed 5 goals on 19 shots against the Bruins. Semyon has struggled out of the gate despite 1-W against the Stars, he will have a chance to bounce back after being pulled vesus Boston at Pepsi Centre. The 27-year-old watch his backup Reto Berra post a 3-0 35 save shutout in Anaheim.


Los Angeles was able to get their 1st win of the season on Friday night when they took out the Minnesota Wild in overtime on a broken play. Quick was 25 of 26 against his counterpart Darcy Kuemper who got 35 of 37 for the Wild. 



So that is game 1 of Tyson Barrie's suspension - the struggling LA Kings who MANY have pegged to bounce back and make a run for their 3rd Stanley Cup.


Game 2 - This game will be played at Pepsi Centre against the Carolina Hurricanes. 


The Hurricanes are also struggling to start the season at 1-4-0. However, their only win of the season came against a Detroit Red wings teams (who are winning despite and injured Paval Datsyuk.) Three of their four losses have come after only scoring one goal for the Hurricanes. They lost 4-1 against the Washington Capitals and will not play again until Wednesday night at Pepsi Centre against the Avalanche. That gives them a three day break to regroup the start of their season. 


Game 3 - The Columbus Blue Jackets will come to Denver on Saturday the 24th to take on Colorado.



The Blue Jackets have started off the season 0-6-0 which is the NHL's worst record so far. Goaltender Sergei Bobrovski is beginning his season much like that of fellow Russian Semyon Varlamov. Bobrovski is sporting a 5.07 GAA while Varlamov sports a 5.06 GAA. 


Despite goal scoring for the Blue Jackets, they have not been able to proved a solid defense in front of Sergi. The Blue Jackets will play host to the New York Islanders and then travel to red hot Minnesota before landing in Denver. The Islanders are coming off landing a spankin on the San Jose Sharks (who are killing it to start the season.) 




Final thoughts here are who will play in Barrie's place. With the loss of Barrie, Nikita Zadorov will have a new partner. That could be either Nick Holden, Nate Guenin or Brad Staurt. Who are likely to be the bottom 4 in the next three games. Coach Patrick Roy could also stick Brandon Gormley in over Stuart or Guenin to give him at chance on the back end for the first time this season. 


The only player on that list there who should not play is Brad Staurt, he is terrible and should be traded as soon as possible.. personal opinion. 



I think Colorado has a chance to be 2-1-0 or 3-0-0 in these games that Tyson Barrie will be suspended. The key question here will be in net and how Semyon Varlamov responds to his benching and shutout by back up Berra. Can the Avalanche play another full 60 minute game like they did in Anaheim? Can this club finally get on a winning streak that has alluded them since their 2013-14 playoff birth? Can they build the confidence that they have lost and have been seeking?? Major question marks in Denver, three struggling teams hold a key that could put Colorado on a solid path that is much needed for their fans. 


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