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Bryz had a some things to say...


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Bryzgalov was at the game on Thursday as a guest of Alex Ovechkin and afterwards he was interviewed by Dave Issac.   Here are the Bryz quotes.



"You know, I’m not regretting anything to be honest," Bryzgalov said hanging out with Ovechkin outside the Washington Capitals locker room after their 5-2 beating of the Flyers. "When I played here, I do my best. Give it all to the team. I maybe have misunderstandings with the coach, with teammates, with the media. But it’s all because I wanted to give my best. I give all my soul, all my passion to the team."

"There is no hard feelings between me and the fan base or the City of Philadelphia or something like that," Bryzgalov said. "I was sitting watching the game and people were very nice. The first time I came back to the building was today. I didn’t know what to expect, but people from Philadelphia and New Jersey have always been very kind and nice to me. Like I said, I always liked it here. If I see something, I can’t help saying something to the coach or maybe to somebody else to maybe help the team with the effort. If maybe it will help us start playing better, I will say that. Because I don’t have perfect English or maybe I’m not politically correct, I can’t address the issues right and there’s a misunderstanding."
“I guess it’s a scary moment when you’re trying to stop being yourself because you’re going to lose your identity," he said. "It’s funny thing. I travel around the world a lot and wherever I go people are always saying, ‘Bryz, you have the best interviews.’ Fans, they appreciate it. It may be tough for the club or organization to handle my quotes. But people loved it and this is the entertainment business."
"I was just a player. I can’t change the people’s opinion," Bryzgalov said. "I am who I am. I tried to do best as I can on the ice for the team every night. Sometimes there were bad goals and bad games, but it’s all part of the process. It’s a hockey game. We’re the humans. We make those mistakes. We’re in the NHL because we make those mistakes less than other people."



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