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All-Time Alberta Provincial Team


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When we move to Alberta, we find a team that is clearly not at the level of the Ontario and Quebec squads, but one that is very talented nonetheless. This is still a team loaded with Hall of Famers and All-Stars. Put this team up against most of the franchise all-time teams, and they'd probably do quite well. There are a few active players on the team, and one of them seems like a lock to join the Hall very quickly after he becomes eligible. So, without further ado, here's the roster:


First Line: Johnny Bucyk, Mark Messier, Jarome Iginla 
Second Line: Herbie Lweis, Norm Ullman, Lanny McDonald
Third Line: Brian Sutter, Neil Colville, Trevor Linden
Fourth Line: Ray Whitney, Brent Sutter, Shane Doan
First Defensive Pair: Scott Miedermayer, Bill Gadsby
Second Defensive Pair: Darryl Sydor, Mike Green
Third Defensive Paid: Dion Phaneuf, Dave Babych
Goaltenders: Grant Fuhr, Mike Vernon, Chris Osgood
While Vernon and Osgood may never make the Hall, Vernon's 385 wins are the lowest total of the trio of netminders, and they total nearly 1,200 career wins. I think there could likely be a good bit of debate over the third and fourth lines, but I think the top six forwards are pretty well set. I have no doubt that Phaneuf's presence on the roster will raise some eyebrows considering some of the conversations we've had about him, but it's worth pointing out that he has been a first team all-star and a Norris runner-up. In fact, he has finished in the top 10 in Norris balloting three times.
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It's a good list, though I would add Ryan Smyth and drop Brian Sutter. Smyth scored 200+ more points, and when you adjust for era, the gap is even more pronounced: 409 Adjusted Points (Smyth almost cracks 1,000). Was always defensively responsible, for good measure.

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@JR Ewing Smyth was very nearly there. It was a very close call as to who got the last two spots on that side between him, Sutter, and Whitney. I wouldn't put up an argument against the inclusion or exclusion of any of them, honestly.

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