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The Magic of Ice


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As a good Canadian boy hockey and skating is in my veins. I love the sport, still enjoy playing it etc. Whenever I'm trying to explain my love for the game to people who didn't grow up around the rink - like my Mexican friends for example - I always focus on the fact that it is played on ice. There is magic in that.


This video captures a little bit of the magic of skating on ice:





Here is another: 



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I took my nieces and sister-in-law to their first hockey game just before Thanksgiving (which was Flyers/Hurricanes).


They then went skating - many for the first time - at the Dilworth Park outside Philadelphia's City Hall the next day.


They enjoyed the game when watching it, but gained a much better appreciation for it once they actually stepped on the ice.

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Like hf, I've never skated on ice that clear, but I have enjoyed clear, smooth ice. If you open your jacket, the wind will push you where it wants you to go. I grew up close to a bay. There are a couple islands way out in the mouth of the bay. There were a few days each winter where the bay was snow free and the ice was glass. We'd skate out to the islands which were about three miles away. If we were lucky, the prevailing southwest winds would act as tailwinds and blow us back.

I used to ice fish. My kids, who were used to arena ice, loved the freedom and ease of lake skating.

Happy days.

Good thread.

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