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Is this really just a double minor?


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Incident in last night's Pens/Blue Jackets game. I counted at least 5 cross checks with the first couple up around the head. Dalton Prout was given a double minor for crosschecking. 


Did he deserve a game misconduct?

Is this suspension worthy? 

Who the hell is Dalton Prout?






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Ask Torts the weasel, he probably didn't think it was even a penalty, just good physical play by his team. This is the Columbus Blue Jackets in a nutshell. This is Fonzi's team. Crosschecks to heads and neck, they're ok. Knees to knees, just an accident. He'll justify his team to do just about anything.
And god help you if you call them out, because then he'll whine on and on about you being a whiner. irony at its best.

Said best by that line in Alinis Morriset's Ironic:

Like rain, on your wedding day,
Like Torterella, complaining bout a dirty hit.
Like Dubinsky, getting sticked in the head,
Who'd have thought, it figures.

Liberties were taken in the interpretation of the song.
No Penguins were harmed in the typing of this post.

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