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Pavel Bure vs Teemu Selanne



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  1. 1. Who was the superior player during their primes?

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Now, for clarification, this isn't about who had the better career. Because all the votes would unanimously go to Selanne. Rather who was better during their primes, their best years.

Argument For Teemu Selanne

Everyone will mention his rookie season, which far eclipsed any of the previous rookie records for most goals and points. So best singular season goes to Selanne rather unequivocally. Yet even then, Selanne was always the better overall point producer during his prime. Selanne eclipsed the 100 point mark 4 times. Two of which were during the dead puck era. While all of Bure's highest point totals were during the early 90s, which were almost as high scoring as the eighties.

Argument For Pavel Bure

Pavel Bure, for the entirety of his prime, had lower quality linemates then Teemu Selanne. In fact, Teemus best linemate was his equal, and arguably even better during his prime. Everyone else wearing a Canucks Jersey was not the valuable asset Bure was. However, the most valid argument for Bure is the postseason.

He was on many occasions, the primary reason for his team advancing further into the playoffs. Now, compare his postseason stats to Teemu Selanne... Selanne was never as impactful as Bure in postseason. And many of his playoff performances were dissapointing in comparison.

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