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Most Underrated Attribute Of Great Players.


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What is the most underappreciated skill/attribute that a great player possessed.?

Here are some I can think of.

Phil Esposito seemingly was an underrated playmaker, led the league in assists 3 times and was runner up to the assist leader 4 times. Im rather surprised he hasn't received more praise for this.

Gordie Howe was just as adept at goalscoring as he was playmaking, leading the league in goals 5 times.

Pavel Bure did actually exert effort into defensive play prior to injury, and received compliments for his two way play by his coach. Too lazy to cite as of this moment, but I will find it soon enough.

Wayne Gretzkys elusiveness.

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  Eric Lindros's ability to win key face offs. He just got better and better at this as his career went along. If it was a big draw late in the game, chances are, Big E would send it straight back to our d-man....like he almost wished it on his stick. Would love to see a stat for face off wins in the last 5 minutes of a game, cause E must have been up near the top. Ditto for Mats Sundin, he was awesome on the draws also.

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