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Drouin wants out

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On 2/11/2017 at 8:52 PM, OccamsRazor said:



What a play....



 That was a pretty special play. The speed he generated, the dogged pursuit of the puck, the nice hit thrown in before gaining possession of the puck. THAT is what you call imposing your will on the opposition. Very nice!!!

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      The Lightning have no need to move him at all. And with his contract situation, they can keep him in limbo indefinitely. He has zero leverage and, if I'm Stevie Y, he's getting nothing and liking it. Sucks to lose the valueof a third overall, but it's more important to make the point that no players is more important than the game. Sit there. Get nothing. Suck. On. It.
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      I hope he ends up in the KHL.
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      Best two responses I have seen.  Agree with both of you wholeheartedly.  No players should be bigger than the team or sport.  Yzerman certainly holds all the cards.  I doubt Drouin is going anywhere in the immediate future.  Are we sure Drouin dosen't have Carl Lindros as his agent.
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      And the thing is too, let's say even if Drouin reverses course, tells the Bolts "Ok, ok, I was wrong, you were right, I will play for the Crunch until you say I can come back".... How do you think that relationship with his Syracuse teammates, coaching staff, and team captain will be? Not good I imagine. Rob Zettler is the head coach in Syracuse, Mike Angelidis is the team captain. If I remember correctly, Zettler, while not being a particularly good NHL'er, was still a hard worki
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      Not surprised. I have thought JD was a petulant prima dona since watching him in Halifax.
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      I hear Edmonton has the inside track.  

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