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Not having a crystal ball and knowing what trades may happen, and also assuming that the top prospects end up realizing their potential, the Flyers should have an incredibly talented and YOUNG core in 2-3 years.  We can all argue who should be dealt and who shouldn't, but at the core of this is finally a GM who is valuing the unknown potential of youth over the hope a fading star still has something left in the tank.  To think that in a few years the core roster could look like this is incredibly exciting:

35+ : (D) Medvedev

31-34 yrs old: (F) Read - Bellemare - VandeVelde

27-30 yrs old: (F) Giroux - Voracek - Simmonds - Schenn - Raffl // (D) DelZotto, Gudas // (G) Mason / Neuvirth

24-26 yrs old: (F) Couturier - Laughton - Weal // (D) Gostisbehere

Under 24: (F) Konecny // (D) Provorov - Sanheim - Morin  - Hagg

Assumed gone: Umberger, White, Schultz, Manning.  Medvedev? (Don't know why, but I think he has more to show and will show it given time)


While I'll certainly give credit to Holmgren for the draft picks he made, I'm certain many of them would've already been traded if he were still the GM.  That being said, there is probably too much depth in the organization at defense and not enough at forward/goaltender - so I expect at least one of those D prospects to be dealt at some point to rectify that.  But at least it will be done so with a PLAN fully in place.  That is the difference between Hextall and every other GM the Flyers have seen since the mid 80's.  It's why it's so exciting when a kid like Gostisbehere comes up and impresses like he has.  To think there are more where he came from coming down the line makes this era of Flyers hockey so fun to watch.  Gostisbehere, Provorov, Sanheim, Morin, Hagg.  Are you kidding me?  They're all still here?


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As I mentioned in a PM I'm glad you finally found us.  I personally have always enjoyed reading your posts back in the day. 

I think the Flyers have a few more prospects in our system than those you have mentioned including Lindblom,  Fazleev,  and Aube-Kubel. Sandstrom and Tomek have shown promise in net also. 

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Yes, thanks.  Good to be here.  There were a lot of good, knowledgeable hockey fans we had there back in the day.  

Sure, there are more prospects - but honestly, I'm not too confident in them.  I think Laughton ends up at best a 3/4 line player and others are below him.  I hope I'm wrong though & would love to get the chance to see them play.  

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