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Rangers are the new Penguins

King Knut

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I haven't seen a team act so entitled to non existent penalties since the Penguins of say 2009 or so.  

i have be very little respect for this rangers team. 

The way they look to the refs and whine after almost any play is shameful.  The way their bench acts towards the refs is shameful. Their captain is just a weasel.  I really hate that garbage and wish they could play griffin hockey.   I honestly can't tell if Vigneault thinks it's going too far or not  

the refs and linesmen don't normally play into it as badly as they did the Penguins, but this afternoon was an exception. I haven't seen a game look that blatantly in the bag for one team in quite a few years.  I honestly thought those days were behind us, but this game was shamefully one sided.  Hopefully it's just a fluke and they can get back to business as normal. 



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Well, i don't know about all the 'entitlement' talk, but I had been saying for a couple seasons now, that the Rangers were slowly turning into a "Vigneault style" team....naturally of course, since Alain runs the show from behind the bench.

Teams take on the personalities of their coach (I.E. Tortorella's tough, no nonsense, defensive minded Rangers), and the coach eventually either shows the way or gets players that play the way HE wants them to.......and if everyone recalls, Alain Vignault's Vancouver Canucks, while being a very good team, were world class "whiners" and had a general rat-like attitude while playing a game.

Rangers are heading in that direction......

I used to support the Rangers as a distant third team due to having Torts, MSL, Marion Gaborik, and Brad Richards on the team, but now, find myself not really caring about the team, except for maybe guys like Dominic Moore and Dan Girardi whom I like.

The team is slowly starting resembling those Vignault-led Canucks teams which I really did NOT care for.

I guess Alain or anyone else on the Rangers really needn't care what ppl think of them, least of all fans such as myself on a mere message board......if they were actually winning games.

But right now, the team is in such a funk, they'd do well to garner a wild card spot and hope they can make a run in the post season!

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