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Dubnyk blows his shutout


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The Wild really are costing themselves valuable points these days as they allowed the Sharks to tie them up with just over a minute left on Saturday allowing the Sharks to win it.  But last night this was a win, and a shutout victory for Dubnyk -- that is until he fumbles the puck while on a  Wild Power Play with less than 2 minutes to go in a 1-0 game against the Coyotes.

To make matters worse for the Wild they lose again in the shootout.  They can fester over this one for a week as they don't play again until after the All Star Break.

The video is here.

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This was sickening to watch, @hf101 ...I'm tellin ya, this break in the schedule couldn't have come at a better time for this team.

I mean, of all the bone headed, thick skulled, Cretin type plays to lose not only the shut out, but eventually, the game over........ugh.....


Minnesota soundly outplayed this Coyotes team top to bottom....did everything but score goals in the first two periods. And defensively? Dubnyk was a complete shut down machine, as was most of the Wild skaters. They held Arizona to just 6 friggin SOG through TWO periods, for puck's sake!

But this team's confidence is so fragile these days. It's like the whole team forgot how to score goals. Even the 'mighty' Zach Parise can't find the scoresheet to save his life.

When guys like Justin Fontaine, Chris Porter, Jarrett Stoll, and Erik Haula (no offense to them) are generating more scoring opportunities than the guys who are SUPPOSED to be doing that regularly (looking at YOU Pomminville, Granlund, Vanek, Niedderreiter), then you know you are in some serious trouble.

And not even a heroic effort from Dubnyk (well, he was a hero till he got a case of the Twits with just a minute and a half to go) can save them from yet another loss.

I am not sure what Minnesota needs to do to get back on track offensively. But whatever it is they decide on, coming out of this break, they are gonna have to hit the reset button, make believe they are coming out of exhibition, and just get to work to get off to a flying start like they did when the season really did begin.

I NEVER used to worry about the Wild falling behind in games...even if it was by 2 or more goals....because I always felt they had it in them to make a comeback. Well, these days, I worry very much when they even give up just one goal. I simply don't have the same confidence in this group as I did earlier in the year, or in season's past. If they are waiting around for the trade deadline to pick up the skating equivalent of Dubnyk ala last season, they may be in for a rude awakening.

Note to Wild:

Please, please....heads out of arses, regroup, and remember that you are still actually a flippin playoff contender!

Although at this rate, who knows how much longer that will be true.....

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I kept turning on the TV as the game got closer to the end, nice goal by Coyle, I have Dubnyk in the Nahana league, I thought it was over when Hanzal took a penalty with 2 minutes to go. I was basking in the glow of a shutout on the first day of the fantasy week.

  freaking Vermette. Freaking wild.

  Not all the goalies fault,  the Wild look out of sorts offensively, I know they were shut out back to back in a lost weekend a few weeks ago, no goalie can win like that. Everyone seems hesitant and afraid to shoot. Last year Yeo went on a cool tirade and they traded for Dubnyk and it all came together. I dont know if he has another tirade in him but if he does he better get it going. Just about everyone is still in it in the West and Wild are in serious danger of being on the outside looking in.

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On 1/26/2016 at 7:53 AM, hf101 said:

 But last night this was a win, and a shutout victory for Dubnyk -- that is until he fumbles the puck



A 10 bell save here....



Reminds me of one i have seen before!!!!



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