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Another trophy


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10 hours ago, notfondajane said:

Congratulations on winning the Presidents trophy! Good job Capitals!

Now that's wrapped up, time to rest your top 9 forwards, 4 defensemen and starting goalie for the game against the Flyers tomorrow!

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3 hours ago, flyercanuck said:

Awesome regular season team. 


Let's see if they can make it past the 2nd round for a change. They certainly have the depth and guys who know how this time.



Justin got his hair did just for the occasion....







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Yes a good jinx for them. Last team to win this and the Cup 2012-13 Blackhawks. 3 basically in the last 15 years. So more of a curse than a blessing.


Come playoff time everyone starts off with the same record.


Time to take it to a hol notha level!!!



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