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King Knut

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Trying him out.  


This isn't good news. 


Suggests to to me that Mason might have to sit for real before Neuvy is back. And even when Neuvy's back, if he manages to be ready by say the first round (if a mason-less team can get there at this point)  he won't be ready to play playoff hockey. 


I mi don't want or expect a ton this year... But a decent push and an acceptably competitive first round would be nice.  


Missing out because the goalie got hurt... Both of them... Again... Would really suck. 


Though at this point this year is looking more and more like 2010. Land that last game of the season against a Different NY team is looking more and more vital... Again.


Quick, fire up the "Boosh Signal" that I assume is still sitting up there next to Willy Penn somewhere. 




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26 minutes ago, MaineFlyFan said:

WOW....Emery? Okay....Just when i thought I'd seen it all this season.....


(prob just a stop gap for the phantoms no?.... cuz of Labarba injury right? I mean I'd play Stolarz before Emery at this point!)


Yeah.  Or you want someone with some experience as safety behind Stolarz not tO play ahead of him. 

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