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With only six games to go in the Leafs predictably dull and miserable season, I will have plenty of time to analyze the results and determine whether or not to continue with my defensive error tracking project for next season (or whether to abandon it entirely). It does take a fair amount of work on my part to evaluate the games and enter the results and the Leafs just aren't a fun or interesting team to watch right now.  :-(


That being said, if you would like your team tracked during the playoffs, I'll collect votes in this thread and will track the winner (including all 20 players on the roster) from the beginning of the playoffs until they are eliminated. Originally I thought about trying to track every team in the playoffs in order to get a large and complete sample of player performance, but it's far too much work for one person to do. That's why I say pick any one team.  :-)


If you haven't seen the "Defensive Errors" thread in the Leafs forum, have a look. That's what I'm talking about. I would post game summaries and the running totals for the entire roster.  :-)


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3 hours ago, BluPuk said:

@WordsOfWisdom: I look forward to your reports after each Leafs game.  I'm only one vote, but I vote for Donald Trump  slip of the pen there.?


I would certainly like to see the Leafs on your list..... ?? 


Why thank ya.  :-)


I'm referring to the upcoming playoffs however. Since the Leafs are done, I'm willing to track another team for the playoffs if anyone is curious.

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