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It's not Holtby

King Knut

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It's the shot blocking. These caps shut down lanes in front of the goalie like few teams I've ever seen.  The 2010 flyers were very good at this and it ended Lappy's career and made him a coach. 


The shots we're taking are all low quality poor percentage crap as a result.  


If i were Hakstol, I'd have had everyone take as many slap shots as they could as hard as they could into as much traffic as they could for these first two games.  Better that than to keep missing the net trying to score from awful and contested angles. 


Try to to crack that nut, not perform surgery.  We simply don't have the skill to do that.  Not while Coots is out an Read is on our second PP unit (something I will never understand). 


Wasted chances to to get positive mileage out of these losses.  Teams don't seem to play like this in college, so it's no wonder he's got no solution yet. He's a smart guy and I don't think it will permenantly confound him the way similar things gave Hitchcock fits his whole tenure here. In another year or two he might have a bit more skill to help him Execute. 

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It is true they are clogging up the shooting lanes like it's no ones business but Holtby has also made several phenomenal stops. Not faulting Mason for the loss but it might be time to give Nuevy a crack at them just to see if the team plays any better in front of him.

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