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Gotta Hand it To Trotz

King Knut

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From the Caps perspective, at even strength, the capitals knew they were going to have a tough time against the Flyers in a seven game series.  The numbers alone (let alone the last two Flyers Caps games) bear that out.


Solution:  Be at even strength as little as possible.


So what if they're shorthanded a lot?       Who cares?  Their PP sucks.  We can condense around Holtby and they will get crappy angles and no goals, they're incapable of making us move because they have no PP game plan and little skill.  


He knew from the start what he'd have to do to give his team the advantage and he had them do it.  He identified the biggest weakness and is exploiting the hell out of it.


I hope Hakstol is learning.  









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