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Tribute to Haley Wickenheiser

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It was really great to see a tribute made to such a great hockey player. Gold medals in four consecutive Olympics? You don't quite need one hand to count the number of people who can say that. Next challenge for her: medical school.


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Sportsnet.ca has a good interview with Haley along with some nice photos.

One interesting statement on womens hockey future and the NHL.



Is there anything you wish you’d accomplished in your career, but didn’t? 
Ah… [Wickenheiser shakes her head no].

That’s satisfying.

Yeah. The only thing I would have loved is to be around to play true professional women’s hockey, where you’re really paid and it’s really legitimate. That’s the one thing I wish would have happened in my playing days. Other than that, no.


Are you tired of answering questions about when that time will come?
Yeah, because the reality is it’s going to happen when the NHL decides it’s going to happen. That’s the true answer. I don’t know when that is, but I know that they’re very interested in it. I think Mr. Bettman believes in it. It’s going to happen.



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