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Hershey Bears vs. Adirondack Phantoms Brawl

Guest OzFlyer

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Leighton sure was a sieve tonight. Crazy third period. Last nights game at the WC was a much tighter game. It was difficult to determine what really caused that bench brawl....The camera was on the Brown fight. Sestito surely get a suspension.

found this:

An intense game nearly spiraled out of control in the third amid a bench altercation that featured Hershey’s Joel Rechlicz and Adirondack’s Tom Sestito at its epicenter.

That had been foreshadowed during pregame warmups when the pair jawed at the red line. Rechlicz, a healthy scratch Friday, said he had seen Sestito slash Bears goalie Dany Sabourin during the pregame warmups at Citizens Bank Park.

“He’s throwing elbows at guys when I’m not in the lineup,” Rechlicz said. “When I am in the lineup, he’s quiet as a mouse. I don’t want to see any of my guys get hurt. I’ve got everybody’s back in there. Good team effort. We got the win. That’s the most important thing.”

Rechlicz crushed Sestito with a check late in the third. Sestito exited to the bench for a line change instead of taking an opportunity to fight.

“That’s what he does,” Rechlicz said. “He runs his mouth and doesn’t back anything up. I wasn’t too surprised or shocked about it.”

A fracas broke out when Brown took a retaliatory run at Rechlicz.

While Hershey’s Zach Miskovic fought Brown, Rechlicz went toward the Adirondack bench to aid teammate Danny Richmond. He and Sestito ultimately traded blows, with Rechlicz on the ice and Sestito on the bench.

The incident resulted in 16 penalties worth 120 minutes. Along with Rechlicz and Sestito, Miskovic, Richmond and Adirondack’s Cullen Eddy and Brandon Manning got game misconducts.

“We had a scrum there at the end,” Rechlicz said, “and everybody sticks up for each other.”


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Don't know if anyone knows this, but appartently the Flyers have informed Leighton that he will not be the first call up should Bob or Bryz get hurt. Read it last week in the Windsor Star.....Leights gets a lot of coverage here due to his Spitfire ties. The first call up will be Jason Bacashawa....

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