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King Knut

Sign Jagr

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flyer4ever    92

No thanks. Next year needs to be a year of checking out the kids and getting another top 3 draft pick. A big strong center to expedite Cindys retirement.

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        Then you're kicking Konecny to his off wing again?   You're going to have a cap overage hit next year when kids hit their bonuses?   That's all I've got.
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      1) he's old 2)he's slow 3) it flies in the face of everything our GM is clearly trying to do 4) you just took a 2nd year skill player out of the top 6 at a time when you should be developing confidence and skill just to randomly sign a 45 year old who is going nowhere for absolutely no reason other than inexplicable redundancy  5)I'm really tired of the "sign the random vet" this offseason when it's so ridiculously unnecessary and clearly in opposition of plan.  6) we have a ton of forwards. It's insane to sign another, especially one in the middle of significant drop off   Sorry, you only wanted one, but this was entirely too easy. 
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        And Raffl. There's no reason to play Konecny out of position this year.
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      I have a question?   Did we sign Jagr yet?
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      I'm not necessarily against signing a Jagr, but there's a lot of issues that need to be addressed.   1. Jagr's likely going to want $4.5mm or so. When he left the Flyers after the 2012 playoffs, one factor was his cash demands. The Flyers have some cap space, but if they do have 4 or 5 rookies on the roster, they will have to worry about overages affecting next year's cap. Granted they could possibly move some bodies out, but who and how? Can't just cut guys, and you can only bury $1.25mm in the AHL or elsewhere. Trading a guy like Lehtera might sound great, but does another team take on 2 years at $4.7mm? Read or Raffl might be tradeable, but who knows? Is it better to just give a guy away?   2. The second factor that was rumored when Jagr left in '12 was role. Jagr reportedly wants a top 6 role. Even at 45, he can certainly play at a top 6 level. The question is, can he do it for 82 games & possibly into the playoffs? Also, would Jagr agree if the Flyers told him he was going to be on the 2nd PP unti, rather than the 1st? Both points 1 & 2 I'm making are unknown to the general populace, of course, but there's been plenty of speculation in the legitimate press about both of them.   3. The Flyers are already pretty deep up front. Granted, there's nobody with the resume of Jagr, but there's plenty of young guys who can step into bigger roles and too many guys who can be very solid bottom six forwards. I wouldn't be surprised if they start the season with 2 healthy scratch forwards, allowing for injury and flexibility. And those two scratches will be guys who are very capable bottom 6 forwards in the NHL. It won't be a VandeVelde or Rinaldo sitting. It'll just be (hopefully) a pricey vet that can actually play solid minutes and not hurt a team.   I just look at the roster and see that they have solid depth and room to allow younger players to assume bigger roles. I'd rather do that than add a 45 year old legend and have to give away solid veterans who might be worth 3rd or even 2nd rounders at the TDL-or who could step in and fill a role when injuries hit.   Maybe if they could deal Filppula, I'd be more open to it, moving a guy who is part of the logjam at C to bring in a natural winger. But otherwise, let's see the kids.
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      Well, it's late-July and there's not much happening so...I'm pretty happy to participate in almost any discussion...   No doubt about that.  One of my "wishes" for the offseason mentioned in another thread was for Hextall to clear out some of the underbrush among the forwards.  None of those players are, or should be, in their long term plans.  Get rid of them and move on.   I don't see anyone in the top 9 that Jagr should supplant.  And, the Flyers have enough PP players such that there is no need to stash a guy like Jagr on the fourth line for PP duty.  Given the dearth of PKers, I'd rather use the fourth line to stash defensively capable players who can kill a penalty and mix things up on a forecheck for the opposition.  

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