Please be advised to all members who will be participating in (or are considering participating) that effective this year, there are several IMPORTANT NEW CHANGES that have been implemented.   Therefore it is imperative that you read the following information.   To summarize the important NEW CHANGES for the 2017-18 Fantasy Hockey Season: We will be moving the FHL platform from ESPN to YAHOO. Line-up changes will be changed from setting your line-up on a weekly basis to a DAILY BASIS.  However,  you would still have the option of setting your line-up once a week. We will move away from a points based scoring system to a SCORING CATEGORY based system. The draft will consist of 20 rounds with a starting line-up of 16 players.  The positions will be as follows: 3C / 3 LW / 3RW / 5D / 2G / 4 BN There will be 2 slots for IR+. IR+ means if a player is day to day you can put them on the IR and add a FA to your roster. Scoring Categories for skaters is as follows: G, A, PPG, PPA, SHP, PIM, +/-, GWG, FOW, SOG, BS, Hits Scoring Categories for goalies is as follows:  Wins, Losses, Saves, Sv%, GAA, Shut Outs   Full description of the Fantasy Hockey League(s) may be found here:   Please be advised that some minor changes may still occur.   DRAFT DATE & TIME: TBD   These changes were taken very seriously among a few GM's and members of and were discussed at length based on the feedback that I have received from those Monkey Surveys I have sent out the past two years.  We are hoping that with these positive changes, it promotes more interaction and potential trading with other members/GM's.   thank you, @hf101 (Site Manager) @pilldoc (Manager / Fantasy Hockey League Manager)