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A New Tradition - "This is Our Ice"


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A new tradition starting this season has begun for the Minnesota Wild as they have asked their fans to provide 3 oz of water from their favorite ponds, lakes or ice rinks with photos for social media "#OurIce" to the Excel Center where it will be filtered and used to make ice for the 2017-18 Wild season.  





"Growing up playing hockey in Minnesota, I felt a sense of camaraderie that I believe is unique to this state," said Wild forward Zach Parise. "It's not just hockey players who are a part of the game. It's every Minnesotan who has picked up a stick. It's our families, friends and communities. That's what This Is Our Ice means to me -- the feeling that we are all contributing to the legacy of hockey in Minnesota."


Honestly, I think this is a rather cool initiative, however, I think I should have collected a bottle of tears over the years to contribute.   :cry:

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