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Martin Brodeur

Patrick Roy

Dominic Hasek

Ken Dryden should be in my top 5 but I don't like him personally so it affects how I view his career. 

I thought Billy Smith from the great Islanders teams of the early 80's was a money goalkeeper.


If I had to pick a goalie to win a big game for me, I pick Brodeur all day every day.


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I thought Dryden was awesome and loved his mask at the time.  I can respect that choice. 


I'm not going to use the "defense" thing to down it, either, because Brodeur had that team defense and clutch/grab/trap system. 


Hasek did a lot of his on his own, but I never liked him. That clouds my pick. 


I respect a Roy pick. It's not as if he didn't have defense in front of him, either. 


I'm with mojo. If I need a goalie in a money game, I'm going Brodeur. 

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Hey JQ! :welcome: You're not trying to 

sway this conversation with that username, are ya? :P 


For me it depends on the criterion or criteria for what you or 

anyone means by "best." Here's how I can answer situationally: 


If I need to win one playoff game, I'm picking Roy. And I'm also 

hoping that same team has Joe Sakic. Especially if the game 

goes to overtime. 


If I need a reliable, quality, superhuman goalie night after night, 

I'm going with Glenn Hall. With no mask, no breaks, no goalie swaps,

he played 502 consecutive regular-season games! :bow: Add that 

to a career GAA of only 2.49 and we're dealing with 

one bad goaltending mutha! :rock: 




Added bonus: he's often quotable and funny in his print and video interviews. One of my 

favorite quips being his comment that with age comes wisdom = the biggest lie ever told. :) 


So here's to  :goodjob: Glenn :goodjob: ! NHL Top 100 for many good reasons!      




:toast: for getting this thread started. 



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