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11 hours ago, blocker said:

I just watched preseason interviews with Jack Eichel and Evander Kane.   These kids are amazingly articulate and skilled at fielding questions.  


I am sure they are.....which, in the case of Kane, is even MORE maddening at the bone headed things he's said and done in the past.

For a guy who really hasn't done a whole lot in the NHL, he sure can spout off at the wrong times, can't he? Between that and his injuries, his prime early NHL years have pretty much gone to waste.


We can all see the talent is clearly there for him, and as you can see, the demeanor to be professional in speech when he wants to be.


Maybe at age 26 he has done enough 'growing up' (and can stay injury free) enough to actually be the top line player both Winnipeg and Buffalo felt he could be.

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Well  I am hoping Phil Housley can bring the Sabres together the way McDermott has brought the Bills together.  And coming into the season, the Sabres were considered to be more talented than the Bills if you were to compare

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