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Draft dates?

J0e Th0rnton

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  • 2 weeks later...

Draft date is today, 8pm Atlantic time, 7pm EST, 6pm Central, 5pm Mountain, 4pm Pacific.


Of course, you guys know that by now, but I wanted to post about our draft here anyways, so thought I would throw in the above for any stragglers.


Ok, then.

The draft tonight.

I am auto signed in to Yahoo, and I will pose probably a dumb question, but I don't care, gonna do it anyways.


Once on Yahoo, I understand the 'Draft Room' will open 15 minutes prior.....will there be a tab up top somewhere that directs me in there?

Right now I don't see any, but that is likely because we are still hours away from the actual draft.


I am rarin to get his thing going, because once we do, I will truly feel like hockey season has officially arrived!





Am I correct on a tab leading me to the draft room once 15 min prior arrives?


Thanks guys.

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