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Oilers preseason

The Mountain Man

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Went to the game last night... it is very early but this is what I saw from the small sample size.

- Strome actually looked okay playing with McDavid and Maroon. Banged in a couple garbage goals but he was always in good position and may just fit in fine on the top line.

- Puljujarvi looked slow and out of place. To me, he hasn't progressed. He did not have a jump in his step or did he show any desire to go to a corner and fight for a job. I don't think he will make the team honestly...but...very small sample size. 

- Nurse looks faster and more confident. 

- Talbot was very solid but against a weak squad.

_ Letestu and Kassian looked like a couple of guys working hard to make the team. 

- McDavid still needs to shoot more. 

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I've watched several Oil games since McDavid's arrival. About the only 

knock I can conjure about his game = , indeed, his need to shoot more.


:playing-hockey-smiley-emoticon: :hockey-goal-scoring-smiley-emoticon:


Sometimes he's so open but passes off to a teammate who's 

not in a better position to score. Was he ever called 

a selfish player before he arrived in the NHL? I wonder if he's 

got that or some other related chatter in his head. In his favor 

it's alarming how many great setups he does give 

to teammates who don't turn them into goals. 


Connor McDavid's certainly some kind of special talent. Methinks

watching him may prove similar to watching Mario Lemieux in that I'm

feeling continually privileged to see such a prodigious talent. 


Cheers, Mountain Man. 





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