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HF.net Conn Smythe Fantasy Hockey League - Important Please Read!

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DRAFT TIME:  Saturday, September 30th @ 4:00 pm PDT (that's just the way YAHOO does things before you ask)


Please let me know NOW if this time does not work for you.  We could push the time back to earlier in the afternoon if need be.  I would allow at least 90 minutes for the draft give or take depending on how quickly everyone picks.


Thank You again for participating this year.




As of now we have 10 confirmed GM's.  I am waiting for 2 GM's to confirm their teams and I have another GM who will either co-GM my team (since I need access to the league) or will have their own team depending on what happens with the 2 unconfirmed GM's.


Here is the roster for the 10 GM's:  ( I am waiting for Team MDFlyerfan and Team McCleland to confirm their teams).  @Ladyneat is the other GM who will be joining us either with her own team or co-GM my team)




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Good News!  The Conn Smythe League is now full and all GM's have confirmed their teams.  Here is the list of GM's.



FYI ... there is an invite out for a possible GM to Co-GM my team.  I am already the GM for 2 other teams.  If this person accepts I will announce it here and that person will then have sole responsibility of my team. (I just need access to League since I am league manager)



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