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Islanders vs Flyers preseason split squad games Sep 20th, 2017


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15 minutes ago, AJgoal said:





...no Giroux or Voracek or Coots....



...then one group of defensemen they have one right hand shot for and the other the 4 righthand shots on it...


...and no Elliot in net at all yet?


Ok. Whom am i to question Hak.




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i'm excited for hockey but in no way am I looking at these preseason games as anything but getting a couple of ideas for combinations, and showing the younglings what NHL hockey is sort of like.


IDGAF about the lines going into these split-squad games.  Now some a couple of guys look like 230 points if left alone then that's a win. But G playing wing...Couturier centering guys he's never played with ....whatevs

I am just happy that shortly there will be something to cheer for other than the NFL.


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1 hour ago, Digityman said:



I'm hoping they are are going to be on the roster for tomorrow's game in Boston which I will be attending. 

I'll be attending with my son! Good friends of mine are season ticket holders and always give me their Flyers/Bruins pre-season tickets!

Looking forward to seeing Patrick, any D-prospects that are left,  and hopefully Elliot in Goal!

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10 hours ago, hf101 said:



That was a beautiful pass and all, but overall if you had to say at this point (you're allowed to wait until after the Bruins game when you have a better chance of seeing him away from the puck, etc.), does he stay or does he do another year of juniors?


It's still early and a lot of preseason left.  And I'm sure there's rust due to the summer he had, and nerves, and 18 and all that.   Is "okay" good enough?   I'm not sure. 

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This was from Meltzer's blog this morning..


2) While acknowledging that Patrick has done well in some facets (especially on the defensive side of the puck and hasn't played much hockey yet -- this was just his third game since March, counting the Rookie Game -- Hextall said that he'd like to see the highly touted rookie start to assert himself a bit more offensively. Patrick was quiet for the first two periods on Wednesday but started to step up in the third period and carried it over by setting up the game winner.

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I have it shaking out like this at the end of the day....



Weal - Giroux - Voracek
Konecny - Couturier - Simmonds
Lindblom - Lehtera - Filppula
Raffl - Laughton - Weise

Provorov - Gudas

Morin - Manning




...until i see otherwise i have Patrick going back to juniors to give him a full season to get back to form.

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I doubt Patrick goes back to juniors.  I think they want him to be in the NHL.  Barring a disastrous preseason, I think he will at least get the 10 game tryout.  And I think he will stay up for the entire season after that, assuming he doesn't look completely lost during that time.  


Besides, I'm not sure what sending him back to junior accomplishes.  He has dominated juniors, when healthy.  He has apparently done all that has been asked of him here and has acted like a pro.  He has an NHL-ready frame, so developing strength shouldn't be a concern.  He plays a mature game already.  I think any tentativeness in his game or rust is attributable to the long time off the ice.  I think they'll recognize that and let him play himself into game shape.  He might have a disappointing season stats-wise, but playing in the NHL may be better for his overall development than sending him back to juniors.  At least they can keep a closer eye on him here.


Hextall's comments might be more of a psychological thing than expressing disappointment.  Maybe he wants to see how Patrick responds to challenges.  Or maybe he's signalling to Patrick that he shouldn't be afraid to assert himself and show his talent, rather than just play it safe and avoid mistakes.

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I disagree.


They have enough bodies at center for him to go back this year.


The future is more important to them than just this year for a borderline playoff team.


Then his entry level deal starts next year and they'll will have him for 3 years on a cheaper deal...he will be 22 heading into his 3rd year of his entry level. Helps spread all this guys coming off their deals out.


Ron is not short sighted on the future. It isn't just this coming years he has his eye but 3 years and further while trying to keep themselves in good cap staning.

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10 minutes ago, vis said:

Besides, I'm not sure what sending him back to junior accomplishes.  



Gives him time to perfect his game further and give him a greater chance of making the Flyers next year....just like it helped Ivan.


And what will it hurt?? Nothing.

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