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Yay! We can beat a minor league Bruins team!


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It was nice of Boston to put out all of their prospects in our first game at LCA. Kinda like most Homecoming football games, where they schedule the patsy on that game to all but ensure a home victory for Homecoming weekend.


Good to see Frk get a couple and respond well, but it all has to be taken with a grain of salt considering who the Bruins had on the ice against us. They are talking up his weapon of a shot. But it is one thing to have an effective weapon at the AHL level and another for it to still be effective at the NHL level. See Pulkkinnen. Having said that, it might be an effective weapon on the PP. The prospect of having that shot on our PP vs. 4 NHL skaters is intriguing at this point.


The one thing I will say is that fundamentally speaking, Howard looks far superior to Mrazek so far. Unless something changes drastically, I think the starting spot is Howard's to lose.


In Mrazek's defense, in the game he got shelled, on a couple of the goals, he made the first save and the D just wasn't there to clear the puck. I'd like to see Howard go up against real NHL lineups. But I have more confidence in Howard at this point.


P.S. It'll probably be years before I see it in person, but that Jumbotron DOES look amazing.

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Howard looks really sharp, he did a good job against the Penguins minor league team last night. no Crosby, Malkin, Letang, Kessel. But Howard looked very good playing a bunch of kids who are fighting to get noticed by the Penguin front office.


  Speaking of getting noticed, WOW do I like Michael Rasmussen.  He crashes the net, he has more speed than I thought he would, he looks confident. I know the Wings plan on sending him back to Junior which means that we wont see him until at least next year but I would love to see the Wings give him a few games early too see how he does in the regular season.


  Frk looks real good this preseason, he has shortened his shot from a slapper to more of a wrister without sacrificing power. Slow to develop, with Bertuzzi set to miss a month of so Frk might stick. I think it is very fair to bring up Pulkinnen, it is one thing to do it in the AHL,He was solid in GR last year and was one of the keys to the Calder Cup victory but it is another to translate to the NHL I would just like to see him given a fair shot. Hicketts has looked good on the back end, he is a little guy but plays big, he has a nasty streak combined with some puck moving skill. I see him and see Brett Lebda, a solid bottom pair guy who can play.



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I musta been really tired when I mistakenly thought Boston instead of Pittsburgh.


I agree on Rasmussen crashing the net. Wasn’t expecting that. He’s been a nuisance for opposing teams at worst and a decent threat. Depending on how this season goes, we could see him for a few games. Just about every single thing we do should be about development of talent at this point, so I can see them letting him have a taste to whet his chops to inspire him to play and improve his game.


And more important than Frk against full-squad NHL special teams, I’d like to see how the Red Wing PP does. 

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