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The Hockey News Season Review


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16 hours ago, Jam1986 said:

Saw in THN  top 25 for goalies either of our goalies  were not in there, No d/men in top 25.  G,Jake and Simmer in theirs. What does that say about the team? 


I feel like Provo likely could have slipped in. He'll be in the next one anyway. Besides him though, none of our dmen from last year should be anywhere near that last. Ghost might slip in as well with a bounce back year, but he struggled last season, so it's not surprising he was left off either. As @OccamsRazor mentioned, in a year or two, we may actually have 2-3 names in such top dmen lists (!!!).


As far as goalies go, I'm also not at all surprised. Given that 25 goalies makes up a good chunk of the league total, I suppose Elliott might have snuck in near the very end of the list, but I'm not really surprised he was left off either. Neuvirth is neither talented nor consistent enough to make a top 25.


I'm somewhat surprised Voracek made a top 25 list to be honest. I wish I didn't have to say that, but yeah... :/

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3 minutes ago, elmatus said:

but he struggled last season


Well after scratch last year he come back to end the season with 17 points in 27 games so he ended really well.


4 minutes ago, elmatus said:

As @OccamsRazor mentioned, in a year or two, we may actually have 2-3 names in such top dmen lists (!!!).



As of just what i have seen so far (and before i type it i am not a big fan of 8 year deals) but man if anyone is ever deserving of an 8 year deal that will look like a steal when half way through it....i would sign off on handing Ivan one right now when he gets into next year...



...he is the safest bet i have ever seen since i have been following the Flyers.


He is the calming presence i have dreamed of since the early 90's, he is a Kimmo type vet in a 20 year old's body!

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